Barden Network Engineering

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BNE fibre optic installations

Welcome to Barden Network Engineering Ltd (BNE)

We have over 28 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, providing:

  • Full resource and management support for both fibre optic and copper telecommunication networks for clients such as Openreach, Airband, Jurassic Fibre, Avonline Network, Broadway, Morrison TS, KN Group, MJ Quinn, Oakway and telent.
  • BNE is dedicated to implementing new telecommunications infrastructure throughout the UK. BNE delivers solutions and services which enable home users and businesses to improve or maintain their critical communications networks.                   


BNE excavator work activities


Installing fibre optic and copper cable telecommunications infrastructure.

Installing fibre optic cable underground


Excavation and reinstatement services for the telecoms industry.

Cable installation survey of environment


One of the most important steps in the engineering and placement of a new optical cable is the pre-construction site survey.