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Devon AltNet (Alternative Network) News

The last quarter for Jurassic Fibre has brought some massive changes to process and workflow. We are all super proud of how the depot and workforce alike have adapted to these changes, to ensure we continue to succeed in all areas of delivery. This has resulted in exceeded customer targets throughout April, May and June. Connecting at least 3,000 Homes to Jurassic’s network each month. 3500 in April, 4300 in May, and June bringing in over 3200 connections. Including Cabling, Splicing and Testing over 80km of Core alone. This is all while making a changeover to quarterly build targets which will kick off in July, a great effort by all involved.

The workforce both in office and out on site has grown by 30% or more respectively, which is a testament to the hard work of everyone before them. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and delivery targets has resulted in an increase in work volumes which justifies the growth. This growth is expected to continue, having just signed a new contract with another AltNet called Wildanet. We are also in discussions with Airband, with the hope to kick off that project in August or early September.

Thanks again to all of the team, and keep up all the hard work!

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